Necklace and Bracelet made of Spike and Bicone Beads

Necklace and Bracelet made of Spike and Bicone Beads

  • May 13, 2019
  • Kristýna Сajthamlová


cut the nylon thread into 5 lengths, please choose accordingly on which neck parts you intend to wear the necklace (always make sure you leave 10 cm extender due to various lengths of the necklace rows) for the rear extender which is located from the clasp/snap down the backbone you need approx. 30cm nylon thread string approx. 20cm of the first inner necklace row and behind each third-fourth dark lantern add spikes, each end of the nylon thread pull through the first hole of the conductor the second row will be strung only from the light lanterns and again each end of the nylon thread pull through the second hole of the conductor ( towards outer row we add beads to ensure the twisted „U“ shape) the third row is repeated, choose the darker lanterns and the ends of the nylon thread pull through the third hole of the conductor, add again few pieces of lanterns the fourth row is made of the lighter lanterns again, pull the nylon thread ends through the fourth hole of the conductor, add again few pieces of lanterns the fifth row alters with spikes, string 2-3 lanterns, add one spike repeatedly, the ends pull through the fifth hole of the conductor now string the lanterns according to the shade into the required length, inner row finish with 3 spikes on each end, outer row is finished by spikes by the end approx. 5 lanterns left to the nylon thread end ( without end which is intended to finish ) string the nylon thread ends again into the conductor holes, add 5 lanterns and 5 pieces of seed beads both the ends of all rows ( 5 left/5 right) finish by tips and with a pressed up seed beads inside the tips fasten the nylon thread and tight up the tip eye string all 5 tip eyes into the ring at both ends and string up the clasp into the rings create the extender down the backbone by 30 cm nylon thread string a spike into the mid of the row finally, connect the nylon thread ends and string the lanterns and finish again by tips, string the tip eye on one ring at the end of necklace


measure your hand perimeter and upon the need cut the 5 lengths and make sure you extend another 2,5 cm at each end of the nylon thread string the dark lanterns on the first row and alter with the spikes
string alternatively dark and light lanterns to the nylon thread ends do not forget to add 5 beads left to the conductor end to ensure the bracelet shapestring the tips at the end and fasten the nylon thread with pressed up seed bead string the tip eyes into the 5-rows hanger and link a clasp/snap


For this project you will need:

Mildred Barnett

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