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Delica Seed Beads

Delica seed beads are one of many famous Japanese glass beads made by Miyuki, a very famous Japanese bead manufacturer. However, while they are an incredibly famous brand of beads, they are not widely available around the world. Unique in their design and handcrafted, glass beads have quite the special place in the hearts of artisans everywhere.

What are Delica Seed Beads?

Delica Seed Beads are single holed beads that come in a variety of different colors and sizes. The beads carry a cylindrical shape with the bead being hollow from within. The single hole and unique design makes for very innovative and beautiful designs, and they work very well with other types of glass beads. These beads, much like Czech glass beads, are manufactured with a lot of love and care. Handcrafted, these beads have immense attention to detail and its all thanks to the craftsmen who work hard on them. Craftsmen cut glass, melt it, mold it, sand bathe it, and polish it to bring it into its smooth and beautiful glory.

What Can I Make With Delica Seed Beads?

Delica seed Beads are incredibly versatile in their design and can prove to be useful in more than one situation. Although most artisans will use the long cylindrical beads as separators between other types of beads, they can prove to be useful in various other projects. These beads can be very useful in making pendants, bracelets, embroidery and even little figurines.

Buying Delica Seed Beads

Delica seed beads are actually quite difficult beads to find. But lucky for you our store has a large variety of beads and colors. From different sizes in hole diameter to different colors, if you are looking for Delica seed beads you will find them here. Our colors include gold red luster, black, badge, dyed silver lined red, nickel plated, and Opaque Orange just to name a few.

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