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Miyuki beads are some of the best Japanese manufactured beads that money can buy. Internationally renowned for their craftsmanship, their beads are a standard that people measure other beads against. However, regardless of how good these beads are, the biggest problem that people face when buying these beads is their availability.

What are Miyuki Beads?

These are beads manufactured in Japan, but follow a very similar manufacturing process as that of proper Czech beads. But since they are manufactured in Japan they are very rare across the world. Miyuki includes a wide range of beads including single holed delica beads and double holed half tila beads. These beads are all the better seeing how well they go with other types of glass beads. They undergo the same manufacturing process as most other glass beads. Here craftsmen cut the glass, melt it, mold it, and sun bathe it to give it the signature shine and smooth texture. The craftsmanship is possibly the major reason why glass beads have a very soft spot for artisans everywhere.

What can I make with Miyuki Beads?

Miyuki beads are incredibly diverse in their application as they can stand in for more than one function and can help you make the most of your projects. Although both the Half Tila beads and the seed beads work as separators between bigger beads or connectors of two different strings of beads, they can provide so much more to your projects. You can use these beads in making pendants, bracelets, embroidery, or even figurines.

Buying Miyuki Beads

Miyuki Beads are some of the hardest beads to find around the world, but lucky for you our large collection of Miyuki beads is sure to satisfy any need that you may have. We have various beads with different hole diameters like 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm.

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