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Half Tila Beads

Miyuki is one of the best bead manufacturers in the world. Their unique blend of colors and an immense variety of beads make them a fan favorite among different beaders. Among their large variety of beads, one of their most famous ones is the Half Tila beads.

What Are Half Tila Beads?

Half Tila beads are new beads designed by Miyuki. These glass beads are smaller versions of one of the earlier beads the square Tila beads. Cut in half; the Half Tila beads have a rectangular and two holes parallel to each other. The glass nature of the beads make them incredibly beautiful to look at but also very fragile. Thanks to the flat surfaces of these beads, and their unique production method, they can reflect a lot more light. This means that they are much shinier, and a lot prettier to look at than other beads. These beads also come in a single size that is 5x2.3x1.9 but comes in a wide selection of colors.

What Can I Make With Half Tila Beads?

Half Tila beads, due to their very generic shape, make for incredibly great additions to any project that you may be working on. From embroidery to bracelets and necklaces, if you are going for a geometric pattern, you can never go wrong with Half Tila beads. They look especially great with other geometric shapes and Miyuki beads, thanks to their rectangular shape.

Buying Half Tila Beads

Unfortunately, for many, Miyuki is not a manufacturer that ships their beads to various parts of the world. However, lucky for you, we have a massive collection of Half Tila beads in various colors. Our colors include Opaque red Picasso, Opaque Orange Picasso, Opaque Seafoam, Transparent saffron Picasso, Transparent garnet Picasso, and Metallic Green Iris, just to name a few.

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