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Pressed Seed Beads

Czech beads are some of the best beads to use in any beadwork that you may be working on. Many artisans resonate more towards Czech seed beads thanks to their incredible attention to detail and very unique designs. These characteristics make for incredible additions to any project, and the pressed seed beads are no different.

What are pressed Seed Beads?

Pressed seed beads is another term to refer to classic seed beads in beadwork. And our collection of seed beads include beads like pinched seed beads, minos par puca beads, and matubo seed beads. Each of these beads take on a different shape, size, hole placement, and even different hole size. The minos par puca beads take on the shape of cylinders, whereas Matubo seeds take on the shape of a shorter caved in cylinder and the pinched seed beads look like rectangles pinched from each side. These seed beads are also handcrafted. In other words, craftsmen cut the glass, melt it, press it, and finally polish it themselves with minimal machine use. This gives the seed beads some of their distinct characteristics.

What can I make with Pressed Seed Beads?

Pressed Seed Beads come in different shapes and sizes, and can often fit different needs for an artisan. Are you working on a necklace? Well then our collection of pinch seed beads can work wonders. Are you working on bracelets? Well then, our minos par puca beads or matubo seed beads will make for great additions.

Buying Pressed Seed Beads

Not only do we have a massive collection of different pressed seed beads, but we also have a very varied selection of colors to choose from. Some of the colors that we have available are pastel bardeux, pastel blue, aquamarine blue, crystal vega luster, silver metallic, gold metallic, and emerald metallic.

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