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Cut Seed Beads

Among the various types of small beads, cut seed beads are possibly the most beautiful and the loveliest. The simple yet brilliant design of the beads along with the immense amount of colors is just a few of the reasons why artisans all around the world simply cannot get enough of these beads. These beads also come in various sizes as well as diameters to suit the needs of the customers.

What Are Cut Seed Beads?

As the name implies, cut seed beads are very similar to normal seed beads excerpt they are not as long as their original counterparts. They are short cylinders with a hole right in the middle and varied hole diameters. Therefore, artisans can choose what they find more appealing for their project and use them accordingly. These cut seeds are also some of the few glass seeds that are hand crafted. Craftsmen take their sweet time cutting the glass, melting it, molding it, sand bathing it, and finally polishing it to give the beads their signature smooth texture.

What Can I Make With Cut Seed Beads?

Cut seed beads are possibly the most versatile beads that you can use in your projects thanks to their generic yet beautiful design. Do not let their somewhat lame look fool you, as they can make for great additions to your pendants, bracelets, figurines, and even make for great embroidery. The sizes for these beads range from 6/0 to 15/0.

Buying Cut Seed Beads

We have a massive collection of cut seed beads that are simply breathtaking. Our variety includes various sizes, diameter holes, and even colors to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for. Some of the colors include aquamarine old silver matte, dark blue opaque, gold metallic, jet black, white opaque, turquoise green, and turquoise green Picasso among various others.

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