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SETs of Beads

Glass beads have now become a new standard of beads that artisans should use in their projects. Their intricate design, vivid colors, and immense versatility have made them instant favorites among artisans. And there is no better feeling than getting glass beads for your project, except getting a complete set of beads.

What Are Sets Of Beads?

Are you tired of having to search for different sizes of the same beads, or having to search for different colors of the same beads? Well, then these sets of beads are just the thing for you. Lets us worry about getting the right collection of different beads, so that you will not have to. The beads in each set will come in different sizes but same colors, or in different colors with the same sizes. Of course, these are glass beads, made using traditional bead crafting methods, where artisans cut the glass, melt it, sand bathe it, and finally polish it to give the signature smooth surface. The beads in each set come in a cylindrical shape with multiple faces on the side, and the holes are on each end of the cylinder.

What Can I Make With These Sets Of Beads?

With each set completely different than the other, your ability to make your imagination only limits the masterpieces you can make. Not only do they come in different colors and sizes, but also a set can have both different colors and sizes, further increasing your creative potential. Whether you are working on jewelry or embroidery, these beads will prove to be quite useful in all of your projects.

Buying These Sets of Beads

All of the beads present in each set are fire-polished beads that although having quite a similar appearance, they are different in both size and color. We have colors like Chalk White, Jet Black, crystal orange-red, Ruby Valentine, crystal crimson, chalk blue luster, and chalk light green.

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