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Czech Glass Buttons

Czech glass buttons are some of the most beautiful buttons that you can add to your projects. Made solely by manual pressing, the buttons carry a very distinct appearance and are simply amazing to look at. Not only do they come equipped with unique blend of colors, but they also carry unique designs and patterns.

What are Czech glass buttons?

Czech glass buttons are very special buttons that are not only feature different blends of colors, but they also carry very intricate designs of roses and various animals. These buttons are unlike any other that you can buy and can make any project that you are working on just that much better. These buttons are also very diverse in their sizes as you can find a Czech glass button for any project that you are working on. Similar to Czech glass beads, these buttons are also handmade, making them all the more impressive. In this process craftsmen will press heated glass into molds crafting the button with the design that they intended. This process has remained unchanged since many centuries, which makes these buttons all the more special.

What can I make with Czech glass buttons?

These glass buttons carry a wide array of different colors and designs, making them as broad or specific as you need. These buttons also come in multiple sizes ranging from 12 mm to 40.5 mm, so your use of these buttons is only limited to your imagination. You can use them in your bracelets, or you can use them in your embroidery projects.

Buying Czech Glass buttons

Czech Glass Buttons are incredibly innovative and beautiful buttons but can be very difficult to find in certain countries. Lucky for you our wide range of different Czech glass buttons is sure to fulfill any need of yours. Our various colors include cabochon pink with a green dragonfly black with gold flowers, and green with pink vitrail gold.

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