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Czech Glass Stones


Czech glass beads are some of the most famous types of beads that you can use in your projects. With various designs and shapes, artisans everywhere around the world have garnered quite the soft space for Czech glass beads. But while Czech glass beads are without a doubt very impressive on their own, Czech glass stones are even more impressive.

What are Czech Glass Stones?

Czech glass stones are very impressive accessories that you can add to your beading projects and can really bring your projects into their own. The Czech glass stones are very similar to Czech glass beads, in that they have the same smooth surface as glass beads. They also have a similar manufacturing process, but they make more use of machines. The manufacturing process for these glass stones sees craftsmen putting homogenous molten glass in moulds specific to these stones. With the help of these molds, they are able to craft almost perfect imitations of original stones. Some of the shapes for our stones include teardrop stones, rectangle stones, and circular stones among others.

What can I make with Czech Glass Stones?

Czech glass stones are very beautiful and always make for great additions to any project that you may be working on. Although these stones do not have holes that allow you to add them to a string of beads, they can attach to surfaces with the help of an adhesive. With the help of this adhesive, you can add these stones to embroidery that you are working on or even small figurines.

Buying Czech Glass Stones

Czech glass stones are amazingly beautiful in their design and lucky for you our collection of Czech glass stones is immense. We also have many different colors so you can better choose what stones you want to use in your projects.

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