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Czech Seed Beads

Czech glass beads are some of the best beads that artisans everywhere use in their projects. Whether they are working on jewelry or embroidery, Czech glass beads’ distinct appearance makes them great for nearly every type of project. And Czech glass seed beads are no exception.

What Are Czech Seed Beads?

Czech Seed Beads is a term used to describe, or rather generalize, a myriad of different seed beads. Each bead comes in a different size along with different hole placements and diameters. While hole placements greatly vary depending on the beads, the hole diameters of all the beads range between 0.4 mm and 1.6 mm. of course the number of holes that they have also vary depending on the bead itself. But other than designs, another unique quality of these beads is their handcrafted natures. Each of the beads are cut, melted, pressed, and polished by craftsmen with minimal use of machines. This extensive care and effort, also allows for the signature smooth surface of the glass beads and their unique shape.

What Can I Make With Czech Seed Beads?

Our collection of Czech seed beads are incredibly diverse and varied to the point that regardless of the project that you are working on, these beads can always make for a great addition. We have pinch beads, superduo beads, miniduo beads, and minos beads, among others. So whether you are working on necklaces, bracelets, embroidery, or any other type of beadwork, you will find them quite useful.

Buying Czech Seed Beads

Our collection ScaraBeads of different Czech seed bead colors is also immense. Some of the colors that we have include, crystal bronze fire red, pastel Bordeaux, Aztec gold, jet black, pastel mix, violet metallic, metallic mix, hematite luster, and emerald, among others. These different colors allow you to make some of most expressive designs ever.

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