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Milya Zakirova - Earrings Tutorial

Milya Zakirova - Earrings Tutorial

For this project you will need:

1. Cut off the thread 40 cm long and string on the needle:
(Fire Polished + O-beads) x 8 times


2. Tie the ends of the thread with two knots and cut off the short end of the thread.


3. Removing the needle from the O-bead, put 4 Delica beads and go into the next O-bead


4. Place Delica beads in a circle between the O-beads


5. Remove the thread from the second Delica bead, string 1 bead 11/0 and go into the third Delica


6. Between 2 and 3 Delica, set 11/0 around the whole circle


7. It's needed to tie the knot. With a needle pass under the weaving thread


8. We pull out the needle, but not completely to get the loop. Go into this loop with a needle, tighten the thread. It turns out a knot. Make several knots in different places and cut off the thread


9. The pendant is ready 🥳


10. Hang the braided element on the ear wires and wear with pleasure 😉


Hope to see your versions soon.

For any doubt or clarification you can contact me at the email or instagram milya_zakir.
Moreover you can find more tutorials HERE

YouTube channel


Thank you 😘

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