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FREE Tutorial - Vexolo Amos earrings.

FREE Tutorial - Vexolo Amos earrings.

Create amazing long earrings with free photo tutorial by Galina Shamanova. Stylish earrings with Vexolo, Amos par Puca and Spike beads look perfect and will accomplish almost any outfit. It depends on colors you chose. This dark green seems sharp and rocky, but transparent pink will look like flowers :) 
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Intro from the designer:
My name is Galina. I'm the owner and the designer of "Sjamgal_beads". I started bead weaving more than 20 years ago and still continue doing that. I always try to make something new and unusual. I prefer to use bead weaving in my work but I’m always looking for new technics, new materials and ways of using them to make my jewelry more interesting and various.
Vexolo Amos earrings

Materials needed:


Vexolo Amos earrings1. Needle your thread and pick up 1A, 1D, 1B, 1D (4 times total). Make sure your Vexolos lay all face up. Make a double knot leaving 20cm tail. Needle this thread tail and sew 1-2 times through all the beads then carefully cut this thread.


Vexolo Amos earrings2. Turn the element upside down. Go out of any A and sew through its other hole as shown.


Vexolo Amos earrings3. Pick up 11E and go to the next A bead.


Vexolo Amos earrings4. Repeat 4 times. After adding the last arch sew through 6E of the first arch.


Vexolo Amos earrings5. Pick up 2E, 1D, 2E and sew through the middle bead of the next arch. Repeat in a circle. Don’t pull the thread.


Vexolo Amos earrings6. Place the rivoli face down, pull the thread…


Vexolo Amos earrings7. …and sew through all the seed beads of the step 5 once more.


Vexolo Amos earrings 8. Go out of marked E. Pick up 1E and sew through 3 center beads. Repeat 3 times more.


Vexolo Amos earrings 9. Sew through seed beads as shown to go out of A.


Vexolo Amos earrings 10. Sew through 2E.


Vexolo Amos earrings 11. Pick up 1F, sew through the opposite 2E. Then through 1A and 2E. Repeat in a circle.


Vexolo Amos earrings 12. After adding the last F go out of E as shown.


Vexolo Amos earrings 13. Pick up 1E and sew through B.


Vexolo Amos earrings 14. Pick up 1E and go through 1E, 1A, 1E. Repeat.


Vexolo Amos earrings 15. The result.


Vexolo Amos earrings 16. Follow the thread path on the photo to go out of the marked E. Pick up 1E, 1F, 1E, sew through the opposite 1E.


Vexolo Amos earrings 17. Back to 1E, 1F, 1E.


Vexolo Amos earrings 18. Then through 2E.


Vexolo Amos earrings 19. Add 2D, 1C, 2D and sew through E beads as shown. Repeat steps 16-19.


Vexolo Amos earrings 20. Follow the line to go out of D.


Vexolo Amos earrings 21. Pick up 3E and go through 1E, 1B, 1E.


Vexolo Amos earrings 22. Pick up 3E and go through 1D, 1C, 1D. Repeat steps 21-22 in a circle.


Vexolo Amos earrings 23. The result. I recommend sewing through these beads of steps 21-22 once more to force the weaving.

To hide the thread tail sew through some beads and seed beads following the thread path (and turn some times to “tangle” your thread), go to the back side and carefully cut off the thread.


Vexolo Amos earrings 24. To add a chain open a jump ring and place it under one arch as shown. Then put on your chain and close the jump ring.


Vexolo Amos earrings 25. Add another chain to the opposite side. Connect chains using one more jump ring and add an ear wire.


Vexolo Amos earrings

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I just wish it was possible to download these

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