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Free Tutorial: Flower Bracelet made of ZuliDuo Beads

Free Tutorial: Flower Bracelet made of ZuliDuo Beads

Krok 1

- string 10 pieces tear (on the narrow side) onto long nylon line- picture 1


– then tie both ends of nylon line together and knot it – picture 2

Krok 3

– put the end of the nylon line through the upper hole of the bead and the one we put through first will be put through again, knot it finally – picture 3

Krok 4

– thus we make approx 20 flowers which we set one by one in the length of wrist line and set up the shape of the bracelet which you like (recommendation – denser in the mid, by one flower to the edge)

– put through the nylon line from one flower always to one max. two flowers, then knot and cut off

– string onto the last flower through three holes of the flower the nylon line, string 15 pieces of rocailles at its end and knot it –picture 5

krok 5

– finally, fasten the suitable clasp using jump rings

For this project you will need:

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