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ZoliDuo® Beads

Czech glass beads are some of the most popular beads among artisans everywhere. Their handcrafted nature as well as their unique designs makes them great for a variety of beadwork, string work, and even jewelry. And among all the other designs, ZoliDuo beads are especially enticing.

What Are ZoliDuo Beads?

ZoliDuo beads are a unique design of Czech glass beads, manufactured in two different versions: the left version and the right version. With one side flat and the other spherical, the left and right versions add a completely new dynamic to any beading project that you may be working on. There are two holes in each bead, both of which run parallel to each other through the top of the beads. They all come in a similar size of 5x8mm along with a hole diameter of 0.7 mm. However, a signature feature of the ZoliDuo beads – and every other glass Czech beads – is their handcrafted nature. This means that craftsmen cut, melt, press, and polish these beads themselves with minimal help from machines. The extensive hand crafted polish also gives them their signature smooth texture.

What Can I Make With ZoliDuo Beads?

ZoliDuo beads are incredibly versatile when it comes to their application, as you can use them for various types of jewelry and other beadwork projects. These ZoliDuo beads especially shine in the case of necklaces and bracelets, as they make for great additions alongside other types of beads.

Buying ZoliDuo Beads

We have a wide collection of ZoliDuo beads available for purchase. Although they all come in the same size, they do come in a massive variety of colors. We have crystal Lazure orange, Alabaster Lazure blue, turquoise shimmer, pastel petrol, white opal, jet gold Capri, alabaster red, crystal vitrail, and alabaster violet rainbow, among many others.

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