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Set of Czech Fire-Polished Glass Beads Round 3mm - 6 colors (3FP052 3FP053 3FP054 3FP055 3FP056 3FP057)

SKU 3SFP607-1p
Size 3mm
Country of origin Czech Republic
Color Multicolored
Type of bead Fire-Polished
Form Round
Hole diameter 0.8mm
Number of holes 1
Material glass

- Color: Jet Rutil Violet, Jet Rutil Green, Jet Rutil Blue, Jet Rutil Yellow, Jet Rutil Maroon, Jet Rutil Bronze

- Sizes: 3mm

- Quantity:

  • Size 3 mm - 100 pcs. x 6 colors

Total - 600 pieces of beads

- Material: Faceted Fire-Polished Glass