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30 pcs Helios® par Puca® Beads 10x6 mm, 2 Holes, Opaque Salmon Spotted, Czech Glass

SKU HEL012-30p
Type of bead Helios® par Puca® Beads
Size 10x6 mm (0.393x0.236 inch)
Color Pink
Color of glass Opaque
Finishes Salmon Spotted
Color code 02010/65324
Form / Brand Triangle
Hole diameter 0.8 mm (0.031 inch)
Number of holes 2 Holes
Material Glass
Country of origin Czech Republic
Vendor Par Puca

Helios® Par Puca® is a new form of beads. It’s look like a triangle petal with curved sides. The bead is 6 mm high and 10 mm width with two holes through the corners. The sape was created by franch designer Puca and fit well other beads from Les Perles par Puca®. You can use them to create amazing earrings, bracelets sms other jewelry.

Bead color can look different if beads are arranged in a batch or separate from each other. Also, colors can vary according to your computer and monitor settings.