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DIY Sliding Clasp Bracelet Kit using multi-colored Celtic Block Beads and Pony Pressed Beads with silver accents.

SKU BSCC001-1p
Color Multicolor and Silver

12 pieces of Celtic Block Beads
15 pieces of Pony Beads
Cord -70 cm with a diameter (thickness) of 1 mm.

Set materials Polyester, glass
Age From 5 years
Country of origin Czech Republic


This package contains:
1 pc. - DIY bracelet making kit.

This kit is the key to the creative process of creating a unique jewelry bracelet with your own hands. The kit contains all the necessary materials: bright and multi-colored beads with large holes, a durable and high-quality cord that will help you connect them into a unique composition. Open the door to the world of art, develop your imagination and attentiveness, and, of course, create beautiful jewelry that will delight the eye and give joy to those around you!

1. You need to prepare two lengths of cord. The first cord is according to the size of your wrist + allowance for a loose fit and ease of weaving. Approximately 35 cm - 13.7 inches. The second one is for weaving a lock 30 cm - 11.8 inches.
2. String beads onto the first cord, alternating between Celtic block beads and pony beads. For the bracelet you will need 7 or 10 Celtic beads, depending on the size of your wrist.
3. Close the bracelet by bringing the loose ends together to form a circle. (as if around the hand)
4. Find the middle of a short cord, place it under the main loose ends of the bracelet and tie it with a top knot. Make sure the knot is not tied too tight to allow it to slip.
5. Begin knitting square knots as shown in the video. These knots form the sliding clasp, and it's up to you to decide how many you tie. Trim the excess ends of the clasp and secure them with glue or singe them with a lighter.
6. Complete the ends of the bracelet cord, place beads on the ends and tie simple knots.
The bracelet is ready.