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15 pcs Telos® par Puca® Beads 12x6x3.5 mm, 4 Holes, Full Dorado, Czech Glass

SKU TEL004-15p
Type of bead Telos® par Puca® Beads
Size 12x6x3.5 mm / 0.472x0.236x0.137 inch
Color Gold
Color of glass
Finishes Full Dorado
Color code 00030/26440
Form/Brand U-form
Hole diameter 0.8 mm (0.031 inch)
Number of holes 4 Holes
Material Glass
Country of origin Czech Republic
Vendor Par Puca


Télos® is a new bead with 4 asymmetrical holes. Only your imagination could suggest, what are the glass beads look like. Is it a door handle, pouffe, table, letter U? This unique shape was created to fit other par Puca® beads. It looks perfect with Samos® par Puca® for example. All beads are made from Czech glass. Thanks to two pairs of the holes you can create 3D jewellery by connecting the Télos with each other. This hand made glass beads are very fragile, do not let them drop.

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