100 pcs Vintage Cut Nuggets Beads 4 mm, Alabaster Warm Silver Metallic Satin, Czech Glass

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Product Overview
Type of bead Vintage Cut Nuggets
Size 4 mm / 0.157 inch
Color Blue
Color of glass Alabaster
Finishes Warm Silver Metallic Satin
Color code 02010/29643
Form/Brand Round
Hole diameter 1.0 mm (0.039 inch)
Number of holes 1 Hole
Material Glass
Country of origin Czech Republic
Vendor Estrella

Vintage Cut Nuggets Beads have a round shape, larger, uneven and rough edges than the faceted Fire Polished beads, which gives them a more organic look and a unique sparkle. These beads can be used in any project and a wide variety of styles. Since the beads are small in size, it can be also used as spacers with beads, and even in embroidery.

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