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1 pc Preciosa Ornela Seed Bead & Rocaille Color Card

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SKU LIST001-1p
Type of bead Color Card
Color of glass
Color code
Hole diameter
Number of holes
Country of origin
Vendor Preciosa Ornela

Preciosa Ornela Seed Bead & Rocaille Color Card is a small catalog that contains Rocaille beads, produced by the Czech company Preciosa Ornela. The color card consists of 5 pages with real samples of colors and sizes of beads so that you can more accurately determine the color than on a photo on the internet, as the color may be different due to the monitor settings, and some coatings are not visible at all. The beads are matched in size and color. Each matched group of beads have the list of color codes, which help to indicate the shape and presence of the coating. This Preciosa Ornela Seed Bead & Rocaille Color Card will be useful to designers, needlewomen and anyone who needs to know how exact colors look. It will help to choose beads to create complex beadworks, for which the slightest shades of colors have an important meaning, or if it is needed to buy beads to complete the project, and the color code label has been lost.