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WibeDuo® Beads

Glass beads are possibly one of the most versatile beads, as they can go well with a variety of other beads. Other than its versatility, of course, the major selling point for glass beads is the way artisans handcraft them. And their overall design is a significant reason why most artisans prefer glass beads for their projects. But no bead wholly embodies the artistic style of glass beads like WibeDuo Beads.

What are WibeDuo Beads?

WibeDuo beads are the oddly designed yet beautiful made glass beads that look very similar to stars. These beads come from the Czech Republic and come in a single size of 8x8mm. Each of these beads has two holes, both of which are on opposite corners of each bead. The placement of the holes allows you to switch up the placement of the beads whenever you want. Since these beads are glass beads, they are manufactured using traditional techniques. Through these methods, artisans will cut the glass, melt it, put it in a sunbath, and polish it before it is ready. The polishing gives these beads their signature smooth surface.

What Can I Make With WibeDuo Beads?

WibeDuo beads are incredibly elegant beads that make for great additions to different types of projects. Whether you are working on bracelets, pendants, key chains, or necklaces, these beads are a must-have for any expert beader. The beads are also very versatile in their application as they can go well with various other glass beads.

Buying WibeDuo Beads

Our store offers an incredibly diverse collection of WibeDuo beads for you to buy. While these beads come in a single size, they have a multitude of different colors. These colors include opaque turquoise bronze, light gold matte, jet hematite, and Jet AB, among various others.

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