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Tinos® Par Puca® Beads

Glass beads are intricate elements that can be combined to create a beautiful design. Czech glass beads are well-known in the world of crafts for their lustrous shine and beautiful appearance. Available in a variety of shapes, Czech glass beads can be combined to make bespoke crafts and projects. One of the types is the unique Tinos par Puca.

What is Tinos Par Puca Beads?

Tinos par Puca beads have an isosceles trapezoid shape that sits well with other types of Czech glass beads. Measuring 4x10mm with a 3mm thickness, Tinos par Puca beads come with two parallel holes that begin at the longer parallel side and end at the shorter side. Tinos par Puca, like other types of Czech glass beads, is made using the traditional oven method. Craftsmen use raw glass to make the beads and mix different colors to achieve a unique tone. They melt the glass and put the beads in a sand bath. Finally, they are polished in the oven, in which the heat gives them a smooth surface.

What Can I Make with Tinos Par Puca Beads?

Many experienced beaders with their own blogs have made fantastic creations like jewelry, embroidery art, and other crafts using Tinos par Puca beads. You can look through hundreds of different designs for inspiration. This includes jewelry, decoration pieces, and even figurines made entirely from beads. Different shapes of Czech glass beads, like Amos, Arcos, Kheops, and Kos, can be used with Tinos for geometrical patterns.

Buy Tinos Par Puca Beads

For beaders who want to add Tinos par Puca beads to their collection, our store offers them in a vast range of colors and finishes. From bright blues and reds to earthy brows and metallic bronze, you can collect them all. Moreover, they are also available in matte and polished finishes.

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