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Telos® par Puca® Beads

Glass beads are very famous, and common among artisans everywhere. Not only are they incredibly beautiful, but they are also functional and have that special charm to them. And among glass beads, some of the best to get are Czech glass beads. If you are looking for beads with a unique design, then the Telos par Puca Beads are perfect for you.

What Are Telos par Puca Beads?

Telos par Puca Beads are incredibly odd shaped beads that come in equally unique and strange colors. These beads take on the shape of a squarish U that can make for very interesting designs. Those of you familiar with Tetris may have even recognized this shape. Its shape is its biggest selling point. Another great thing about this specific kind of beads is their unique color scheme. One of the most impressive things about these beads, however, is their handcrafted nature. Craftsmen make use of old and traditional crafting methods. This means that they would cut the glass, melt it, and polish it until it has the signature smooth surface. The smooth surface and shine are features unique to glass beads.

What Can I Makes with These Telos par Puca Beads?

These Telos par Puca Beads are incredibly unique, not only in their design but also in their application. You can use them to make bracelets and embroidery. However, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with them. Let your creativity flow through these Telos par Puca Beads and make something truly creative and unique.

Buying Telos par Puca Beads

We have a big collection of Telos par Puca Beads with an amazing variety of color. We have metallic matte beige, Argentees sliver, full dorado, and yellow gold metallic iris to really make your creations stand out from the crowd.

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