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Super Kheops® par Puca® Beads

Czech glass beads are an essential addition to any beader’s toolkit. Their lustrous design and often unorthodox shape give you a unique and creative edge over your projects. The versatility of the Czech beads also extends to how well it can fit with various other styles of beads, to make a truly breathtaking combination of beads.

What Are Super Kheops Beads?

These incredibly shiny and beautiful Super Kheops beads come in the shape of a pyramid, which means that they have four faces and a flat surface at the bottom. The pyramid-shaped beads come with two holes and crafted through the traditional glass making process. This process includes cutting the glass, melting it, tumbling it in the sand, and then finally polishing it. Czech artisans tend to make these beads in a variety of different colors and ensure that the beads have a smooth surface rather than a textured one in a small size of 6mm.

What Can I Make Using Super Kheops Beads?

People with experience beading will find the Super Kheops beads to be incredibly versatile in its function. You can make a variety of different jewelry such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and even pendants. On the other hand, if you lean more towards embroidery patterns of jewelry, the Super Kheops can add quite the stellar look to your work. Whether it be cushions, table spreads, or curtains, these glass beads will make for a great addition to your work.

Buy Super Kheops Beads

We offer a vast array of Super Kheops glass beads for you to purchase from. From dark matte black and reds to lighter greens and blues you can find an extensive selection of colors for Super Kheops beads. All of these different colors will make for a great addition to your overall toolkit.

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