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Spike Neon Beads

The Czech Republic is home to some of the greatest bead manufacturers in the world that still use handcrafted techniques to manufacture beads of all sorts. These beads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but one of their more unique designs is the Spike Neon Beads. These beads come with all of the same traits as that of regular Czech glass beads. However, they do have their own unique twists and turns.

What Are Spike Neon Beads?

Spike neon beads are a clever and festive twist on regular Czech glass beads. These conical beads come in two different sizes, Small (5x8 mm) and large (13x5 mm). These beads also come in their own colors and are extremely versatile in their uses. The holes for these beads are present at the base of the cone, with a single small hole. And, of course, these are glass beads from the Czech Republic, which means that they are handcrafted. The craftsmen will first cut and heat the glass, after which they will melt it, mold it, and put it in a sandbath.

What Can I Make With Spike Neon Beads?

Spike Neon beads are very versatile beads as they can go with a variety of different projects that you may be working on. Unlike the neon dagger beads, these beads resemble more with proper cones than anything else. This makes them great for any 3D project that you are working on, and also projects that include embroidery and jewelry.

Buying Spike Neon Beads

Our collection of Spike Neon Beads will ensure that you find exactly the beads that you are looking for. We have both small and large sizes while also having various colors like Neon pink, orange, yellow, and green for both sizes. We also have mixes of different colors for both sizes.

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