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Solo Beads

Neon beads make for great additions to jewelry, especially ones that are dedicated to parties and other events. Their incredibly bright colors make for a great spectacle, but that is not to say that they are only for jewelry. They make for great additions to other projects as well. The one type of neon beads especially makes for great additions to any project, and that type is solo beads.

What Are Solo Beads?

Solo beads are small glass beads from the Czech Republic that are made using traditional manufacturing methods. They are incredibly small in size, 5x2.5 mm to be exact, and in many ways resemble an almond or a much smaller version of the dagger beads. It comes in a single size and carries a shape similar to an oval with one of its corners sharpened. Its hole is present on the curved end of the bead. These beads go under a very traditional crafting process, where a craftsman first cuts the glass, melts it, and then molds it. After molding the glass, they will put it in a sand bath and polish it.

What Can I Make With Solo Beads?

Solo beads are very unique in their shape and can only work in very specific projects. While it is quite obvious that it will go well with jewelry, when it comes to embroidery and other projects, they are quite a situation specific bead.

Buying Solo Beads

We offer a very wide array of solo beads in terms of colors. Our colors include opaque green neon, opaque orange neon, opaque pink neon, and opaque yellow neon. However, if you are looking for a mix of different colors, well then we also offer them a neon opaque mix that will go great with most projects that you are working on. Their bright colors under certain circumstances make them especially favorable to enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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