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ScaraBeads's Mixes

Czech glass beads are a classic among artisans everywhere, as they hold both the quality and craftsmanship of these beads in high regard. But what is more impressive about these beads, apart from their quality, is the design and the many unique and radically different colors that they come in. And ScaraBeads are not different.

What Are ScaraBeads Mixes?

ScaraBeads mixes are a collection of different ScaraBeads available to purchase. These beads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are especially great for people looking to put that extra glimmer in their beading projects. These beads are beautiful in their different shapes and colors mostly because they are handcrafted by craftsmen to be that way. Craftsmen cut, melt, shape, and polish these beads in to the shape that you see in front of you. Their signature smooth surface is a result of craftsmen taking hours to polish them.

What Can I Make With ScaraBeads Mixes?

ScaraBeads mixes are very different from traditional beads, in that they are much more versatile when it comes to their design and usage. The multitude of different beads along with their incredibly varied shapes and sizes allows them to slide perfectly into any beading project. Are you working on a necklace? Well our mix of beads comes with hearts, spheres, and teardrops that will look great on a necklace.

Buying ScaraBeads Mixes

If you are looking for good beads mixes, then you will find our collection to be quite amazing. We have a very varied collection of mixes with different colors like dark gray blue gamma, lilac pink gamma, light blue gamma, dark blue gamma, yellow orange gamma, brown red gamma, and red gamma, are just a few of the colors that we have available.

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