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Round Neon Beads

Neon Beads are some of the best beads to have, especially since they are great for projects dedicated to parties and other occasions. But these neon beads are especially unique as they are originally Czech glass beads. Czech beads are famous for their signature smoothness, varied colors, and abundance of different styles.

What Are Round Neon Beads?

Round neon beads are Czech glass beads that resemble tiny metal balls. Their round exterior and the small hole in the center make it great for any type of project that you are working on. They come in a variety of different sizes such as 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm, making them highly versatile in terms of size. Moreover, as these are Czech beads, they follow a very traditional method of manufacturing. Through this manufacturing process, the craftsman takes to cut the glass, melt, and mold it to the desired shape of the bead. After that, they will put the beads in a sand bath and finally polish it to give it its signature smooth feel.

What Can I Use Round Neon Beads For?

Round neon beads are incredibly versatile in how you use them for your projects. Thanks to its very generic shape, it can be used as a spacer in different jewelry. Whether you are working on embroidery, jewelry, or any other project, you will find these beads useful in almost every scenario.

Buying Round Neon Beads

We have an absolutely massive collection of round neon beads in terms of both sizes and colors. Our colors include orange, green, emerald green, pink, blue, purple, yellow and dark blue, among others. We also offer mixes of different colors like a regular mix, dark mix, and warm mix for different sizes. So, you are sure to find just the type of beads that you are looking for.

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