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Rondelle Beads

Glass beads have become the epitome of good beads for artisans to use in their projects. Their fantastic color combinations, handcrafted nature, and amazing versatility have managed to carve a special place in the hearts of various artisans. Rondelle Beads very much embody the ideals of glass beads with their unique design and immense choice in colors.

What are Rondelle Beads?

Rondelle Beads are glass beads often developed in the Czech Republic. They take on quite the aesthetically pleasing shape of a Rondelle (a sphere with faceted sides), hence the name Rondelle beads. These beads resemble discs as they have flat surfaces, and their holes tend to pass through the surfaces. The beads come in a variety of sizes ranging from small (3x6mm, 5x3mm, 7x4mm) to quite massive (17x11mm, 18.8x11.7mm) to better suit your needs. Moreover, since these beads are glass beads, they follow the traditional method of crafting beads. This process includes cutting the glass, melting it, sand bathing it, and finally polishing it to give it its signature smooth surface.

What Can I Make With Rondelle Beads?

Rondelle beads are very diverse when it comes to their application in different types of projects. Their unique design, vibrant colors, and a wide array of sizes makes it a great addition to anyone experienced beader. Most artisans tend to use these beads as a spacer between beads of contrasting colors. You can use these beads in making jewelry, embroidery, or any other project that you may be working on.

Buying Rondelle Beads

Rondelle beads are a must-have for any professional or experienced beader. And lucky for you, we have a massive collection of Rondelle beads in all shapes and sizes. We also have colors like Ruby, Opaque Turquoise Green, Garnet Travertine, Aquamarine AB, and blue transparent AB, which make them merely breathtaking to look at.

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