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Rhinestone Beads

Rhinestone Beads are very unique in their own right and quite varied from each other. Some are very small with a very smooth surface whereas some may be quite large with a dull and blunt look. However, these rhinestone beads are possibly the most different among all other beads, with their very shiny and stylish look.

What are Rhinestone Beads?

Rhinestone beads are not some ordinary beads with a few unique traits. These are the beads of royalty, or at least they look like so. Rhinestone beads are incredibly shiny and super stylish, begging for other people’s attention. Inspired by mineral that you would find in the ground, the beads are a little rough around the edges. But that’s not a mistake. In fact, it adds to the authenticity of the beads and makes them look more appealing. The rhinestone is a combination of both glass beads and other beads, with gemstones being made of cut glass. These beads also have only a single hole through them that makes for very simple, yet beautiful addition to any project.

What can I make with Rhinestone Beads?

What you can make with rhinestone beads is limited by your imagination. These beads make for great standalone beads, but can also work very well with other beads glass or otherwise. They also come in a large variety of sizes like 4 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 18.8x11.7 mm. These sizes further promote customization to a much higher degree. You can use these beads in embroidery, to make pendants, figurines, and even bracelets.

Buying Rhinestone Beads

Rhinestone beads are incredibly beautiful beads to add to any project, but they can be pretty hard to find. That said, out collection of rhinestone beads is sure to fulfill all of your needs. We have a large array of colors and sizes. Some of our colors include crystal gold, crystal silver, blue rainbow silver, and dark green silver.

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