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FP Other Shapes

Glass beads have become one of the best beads to buy for any project that you happen to be working on. Their incredibly diverse designs, unorthodox shapes, traditional crafting process has made it a fan favorite among beaders everywhere. Moreover, its compatibility with various other beads is also why it is so famous among artisans. And no beads are quite as compatible as these Fire Polished beads.

What are Fire Polished Other Shaped Beads?

Fire Polished other shaped beads are a collection of different beads, all of which have different shapes and sizes. These beads can be pear-shaped, olive shaped, cube-shaped, and lantern-shaped, all of which make for an extraordinary yet beautiful combination of beads fit for any project. All of these beads also have a single hole that stretches through the bead vertically. The best part of these beads is that they go through the traditional crafting method, which includes artisans cutting glass, melting, sand bathing, and polishing it until it has an amazingly smooth surface. This method of creating beads also allows for greater freedom in mixing colors.

What Can I Make With Fire Polished Other Shaped Beads?

The sky is the limit with just how much you can achieve with these beads. They come in all different sizes, so you can easily choose what size will fit your project best. These beads are especially good for jewelry and embroidery. They also go very well with other Czech glass beads like the Arcos, Kheops, and Kos.

Buying Fire Polished Shaped Beads

Those of you looking to get a wide array of these different glass beads will find that we have an extensive collection of beads available along with a large variety of colors. Out colors include Ruby, Blue Transparent AB, Dark Green Metallic, and Smoked Topaz.

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