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Other Shape Neon Beads

Neon beads are very unique in both their shapes and colors. From daggers to cones to squares, and even round spherical beads, there is no shortage of meticulously designed beads. However, for every simple geometric shape, there is a heart or a gumdrop bead. And while there is no question that these geometric shapes look great, for those of you looking for more creative beads, you will not be disappointed by these other neon bead shapes.

What are Other Shaped Neon beads?

Other shaped neon beads are Czech glass beads that come with all the great qualities of glass beads but have unique shapes and colors. These shapes include hearts, gumdrops, and very different Lucerna beads that take a very strange geometric shape. All of these beads come in the same size and similar hole placements in the middle, except gumdrops that have a hole near to the base. They are all also Czech beads, so they are handcrafted to perfection through traditional manufacturing means.

What can I make with Other Shaped Neon Beads?

These different neon beads are very attractive to the eyes and generally make a great addition to any project that you are working on. The hearts can make a great addition to your bracelets or necklaces, whereas the gumdrops make for an excellent addition to your embroidery work and other projects. These beads also come in different colors that allow you to be a lot more creative.

Buying Other Shaped Neon Beads

Our collection of these other neon beads will ensure that you are able to express yourself to the fullest in your projects. Our gumdrop and heart colors include orange, yellow, pink, and green, whereas the Lucerna comes in other shades blue, dark blue, and emerald green.

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