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Mobyduo® Beads

Czech pressed glass beads are some of the best beads that artisans choose to work with. Their quality, design, and of course their signature smooth texture have garnered major respect among the artisans everywhere. And the MobyDuo beads are no different.

What are MobyDuo Beads?

MobyDuo beads are small adorable beads that take on a shape similar to whales. Each bead has two holes that run parallel to each other and through the beads, with a diameter of 0.8 mm. Each bead is hand pressed and crafted to perfection, which makes them all the more impressive. These beads act as a connector between two different stings that are part of the same bracelet or necklace. But what is more impressive is how these beads are actually made. Czech glass beads are some of the last few beads that still make use of handcrafted techniques to make beads. This means craftsmen cut, melt, press, and polish the glass themselves. This process is also what makes Czech glass beads so special.

What can I make with MobyDuo beads?

MobyDuo beads work incredibly well with nearly every type of beading or stringing project that you may be working on. Their unique shape and hole placement makes them especially useful in connecting two parallel strings. This is especially useful in making bracelets or even embroidery with two different strings.

Buying MobyDuo beads

Convinced that you want to get MobyDuo beads, well we have massive collection of MobyDuo beads readily available for purchase. While there may not be a lot of variety in terms of sizes, there is a dizzying array of colors. Some of the colors available are, jet green luster, alabaster metallic emerald, alabaster metallic sea blue, Crystal Capri gold, jet hematite, and chalk white teal luster.

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