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Mixes of FP Beads

The Czech Republic is in many ways the home of glass beads, as it is one of the biggest manufacturers of glass beads in the world. Glass beads make up a large category of different beads, all in different shapes and sizes, and the one that stands out the most, in particular, are fire polished beads.

What Are Mixes Of Fire Polished Beads?

While simple, Fire Polished beads are some of the best glass beads that one can get for their project. And if you are looking for a nice mix of a large variety of colors, then the mix of Fire Polished beads might be the thing for you. We offer a wide array of colorful beads for you to use in your projects, all of which come in the same size. Since all of these Fire Polished beads are glass beads, they are come through the traditional bead-making process. The process has craftsmen cutting the glass, melting it, putting it in a sunbath, and finally polishing it with fire. Hence, the name fire polished beads.

What Can I Make With These Mixes Of Fire Polished Beads?

As the mixes contain a massive variety of varied colors, they are great for projects where you are looking for a lot of diversity in terms of colors. Whether you are working on necklaces, key chains, pendants, cushions, or just figurines, you will find these mixes of Fire Polished beads to be an amazing fit for your projects.

Buying These Mix of Fire Polished Beads

Our mixes of Fire Polished beads ensure that you get the most out of your purchase of these mixes. We also have mixed beads available in different sizes such as 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, and 8mm, so you can better choose your beads.

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