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Ilos® par Puca® Beads, 5x5 mm

Glass beads from the Czech Republic are beads that hold an extraordinary place in the hearts of professional artisans everywhere. Their unique design and craftsmanship very much stands out and makes it a favorite for many artisans. Its versatility also translates well to the massive amount of products that they can apply to.

What are Ilos Par Puca Beads?

Ilos Par Puca beads take quite the unorthodox shape of a triangle with a circular base, which further adds to the appeal of the beads. The beads also have a single hole on the sides of the triangle, which make it a great addition to any beading project that you may have in mind. The Ilos Par Puca Beads are created using traditional methods instead of the industrial methods that have become commonplace in the industry. Craftsmen start by cutting glass for the beads, and then they melt it in a mold, and place it in a sand bath. The final step is polishing until they have a smooth surface.

What Can I Make With Ilos Par Puca Beads?

For experienced beaders, the sky is the limit. These beads can make for a great addition to different types of necklaces, bracelets, and even pendants to truly elevate their look. Ilos Par Puca Beads also make for an incredible addition to various other beading projects such as embroidery as well as figurines made of beads. You can also mix and match different types of beads to make your projects all the more stylish.

Buy Ilos Par Puca Beads

Our immense collection of Ilos Par Puca beads ensures that you will find the color that you want. From regular colors like black and silver to breathtaking colors like opaque dark blue and dark gold bronze, you will never be short of choices to make. The beads also come in a polished finish as well as a distinct ceramic look.

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