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Glass Bead Mixes

Glass beads have become quite the favorite among artisans everywhere. Their distinct look, vibrant colors, and an immense variety of colors, as well as types of beads, have garnered them quite the reputation. And if you tire of searching for multicolored beads, then glass bead mixes might be the thing for you.

What Are Glass Beads Mixes?

Glass bead mixes are a collection of various glass beads of all shapes, sizes, and colors, available in one simple package. Some of the beads in this collection have one hole, whereas others have two. And while some beads may be small, others can be incredibly big and huge. From Seed beads and pinch pressed beads to mushroom button beads and Estrela beads, you are sure to find a unique collection of beads. And, of course, these are all glass beads, which means that they all go through traditional crafting methods. Through these methods, artisans will cut the glass, melt it, and polish it until it has the signature smooth surface. Glass beads are some of the only beads that still undergo this traditional process.

What Can I Make With These Glass Beads Mixes?

With nearly 50 beads in different colors at your disposal, whatever you can accomplish is limited to your imagination. Experienced artisans will find it especially fun to mess around with the immense variety of mix of glass beads. You will find these beads great for making pendants, bracelets, necklaces, cushions, and even key chains.

Buying Glass Beads Mixes

Our store offers you a massive variety of colors, shapes, sizes for you to better use in your projects. From metallic colors to neon colors, to pastel colors, to heavy metal colors, there is something here for everyone.

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