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Ginko Beads

There is no denying the immense popularity of glass beads in artisans today. And while Czech glass beads are without a doubt some of the best ion their market, what craftsmen are able to create through that traditional method is amazing. Case in point the Ginko beads. These are beautiful beads with incredible attention to detail.

What are Ginko Beads?

Ginko beads are some of the most impressive glass beads currently available in the market. Not only are they famous for their size, but also for their shape and the abundance of unique color that they come in. although they don’t come in different sizes, their colors provide just enough variety to make them look good on anything. But apart from their abundance of colors and unique shapes, these glass beads were made using a very traditional method of bead making. In other words, craftsmen go out of their way to cut, melt, and polish the glass into small beads. These beads have the signature smooth surface that nearly every glass bead has, as well as having a particular shine in some cases.

What can I make with Ginko Beads?

Ginko Beads can go well with a variety of designs and jewelry that you may be working on. These beads, with the shape of a teardrop and two holes in each side, can go well with many different types of beads and designs. If you are working on an embroidered piece or a bracelet, these beads will especially look good on them.

Buying Ginko Beads

We have a large variety of Ginko Beads in different colors available for purchase. The colors that we have available are aquamarine travertine dark, jet metallic indigo, jet matte purple, chalk white luster, and jet full azuro among others. Drop down below to check out some of the other colors that we have available.

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