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Fire Polished Beads

If you’re a crafts enthusiast, you know there are many different types of glass beads to choose from. But none match the radiance and sheen of fire polished beads. These special Czech glass beads are a must-have for any crafty person’s bead collection. With the appeal of multi-faceted gems, these add artisanship to even the most minimalist of craft projects. Fire polished beads are available in numerous sizes, from 2mm to 14mm, for different types of projects and jewelry. In fact, many beaders enjoy making bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with Czech fire polished beads.

What Are Fire Polished Czech Beads, Anyway?

These sparkly and shiny beads differ from the other cut beads you’ll see at the store. For starters, fire polished glass beads are more durable because of the ‘polishing’ process. This traditional polishing method is a crucial part of the Czech glass bead-making process. Craftsmen rely on heat instead of friction to polish a glass bead’s different facets. By putting the beads in a specific temperature, the heat causes the surface of each facet to melt, which creates a shiny and smooth surface.

How Are They Made?

The glass beads start off as round and are ground until they get tiny facets that will eventually reflect light, giving them, a crystalline appearance. The beads are then placed in a furnace so that their multiple facets get a smooth appearance. To make the shape uniform, the beads are added to a flash fire.

Buy Fire Polished Czech Beads

Whether you’re looking to buy fire polished Czech beads in wholesale or in individual quantities, there’s no denying the importance of proper quality. You can use Czech fire polished glass beads in various ways depending on the shape. Some distinct bead designs have more than one hole, which allows craftsmen and designers to create complex and unique patterns.

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