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Over the past few years, various bead manufacturers have moved towards industrial methods of crafting beads. Although this has lead to a massive supply of beads available to people at a moment’s notice, yet they are all quite similar when it comes to design. And this is precisely where Fire Polished Etched Czech Glass beads differ from regular beads. The process for manufacturing them is entirely natural.

What are Fire Polished Etched Beads?

Fire Polished etched beads are incredibly small Czech glass beads, available in sizes as small as 3 mm, making it great with various other types of beads. The beads themselves have a somewhat spherical shape a single hole at each end of the bead. While the bead is spherical, it does have sides and corners like an octagon or hexagon. The main selling point of the Czech Beads, other than their design and color, is the traditional process for making them. To make the beads, Artisans cut the glass, melt it, mold it, sunbathe it, and polish it to give the signature smooth surface. This is especially impressive, seeing how most of the industry has moved on to more machine-based production.

What Can I Make With Fire Polished Etched Beads?

Experienced artisans will know just how they can work with these beads creatively. The Fire Polished Etched beads, thanks to their various sizes, can fit in or go with any project that you may be working on. Whether you are working on jewelry or embroidery, you can truly get creative with these Fire Polished Etched beads.

Buying Fire Polished Etched Beads

Our store holds a massive collection of Fire Polished Etched beads in various colors and sizes so you can better express yourself or find just the right combination. With colors like etched marea, sliperit, copper, magic copper, and magic orchid, to name a few, you are sure to find the right beads for your project.

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