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Dagger Beads Neon

Czech glass beads are some of the best glass beads that are currently available for purchase. Their smooth surface, handcrafted nature, and unique blend of colors make them a favorite among both beading enthusiasts and professional beaders alike. However, among the immense variety of beads, one of them stands out in particular, the dagger neon beads.

What Are Neon Dagger Beads?

Neon dagger beads are essentially Czech glass beads with neon colors. They come in the shape of a short dagger and come in two different sizes. One size of the dagger bead is 3x10 mm, whereas the other is 5x15 mm. Each of these beads has a single hole at the opposite end of the Dagger’s edge. Of course, these are all Czech beads, so they are made using a traditionally handcrafted method. Through this method, the craftsman will cut the glass, melt it, mold it, sand-bathe it, and finally polish it to give the signature smooth glass bead surface.

What Can I Make With Dagger Neon Beads?

Dagger neon beads are incredibly versatile when it comes to their uses. Although their odd shape doesn’t make them ideal for bracelets or embroidery, they can look very good with pendants, necklaces, and can go well with figurines. Their holes are also in the perfect position to allow for its use in necklaces and pendants.

Buying Dagger Neon Beads

Neon dagger beads are some of the best looking Czech beads one can buy thanks to both their unique shape and the many different available colors. Some of the colors that we have available are pink, blue, purple, emerald green, yellow, dark blue, orange, and green. We also offer mixes of different colors for the dagger beads in different sizes. We offer mega mix, dark mix, and warm mix for both the small and larger variations of the dagger beads.

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