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Dagger Beads

Czech glass beads are very versatile when it comes to all of their unique shapes and sizes. From odd rectangles, to tear drops and spheres, there is no shortage of strange yet beautiful Czech glass beads. And one of these incredibly unique designs is that of Dagger Beads.

What Are Dagger Beads?

Dagger beads are a type of Czech glass bead that takes on the shape of a small dagger. These dagger beads are manufactured in three distinct sizes as well as two different hole placements. The three different sizes are that of 3x10 mm, 5x15 mm, and 5x16 mm. As for the two different hole placements, they are both at the top of the dagger with one below the other. There are also two different hole diameters at 0.8 mm and 0.9 mm. However, other than the different shape of the bead, it is also the particularly unique crafting method that makes them special. All Czech glass beads are handcrafted, which means craftsmen cut, melt, press, and polish the beads with minimal machine use. The extensive polish by these craftsmen is what gives these dagger beads their signature smooth surface.

What Can I Make Dagger Beads?

Dagger beads are very diverse when it comes to their applications in different beading projects. Whether you are making jewelry or are working on embroidery, their unique appearance is sure to make a great addition to your project. Their different sizes and hole placements call for even more diverse options.

Buying Dagger Beads

We have a massive collection of colored dagger beads that are sure to leave you speechless. Some of the colors include, Jet vitrail dots, chalk white baby blue luster, chalk white vega luster, Crystal full marea, crystal chrome stripes, crystal full azuro, crystal amber, and crystal celsian full matte, among others.

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