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Cathedral Beads

Czech Glass beads have become the best a beader can get when it comes to quality beads. Their intuitive design, unique colors, and handcrafted nature make them beautiful to look at. Moreover, no other bead wholly embodies the Czech glass beads than cathedral beads.

What are Cathedral Beads?

Cathedral beads, named after their resemblance to glass windows in old churches, take the shape of an octahedron. This shape lends to a simple hole placement at the ends of the beads, which also make for quite the beautiful yet straightforward alignment of multiple beads together. The beads also come in various sizes, i.e., 8mm, 6mm, 8x6mm, 5mm, and 4mm so you can better customize better according to your project. The cathedral beads, much like most Czech glass beads, go through the traditional crafting process. The beads undergo cutting, melting, molding, sand bathing, and polishing to give them an incredibly smooth feel. A smooth surface is also a staple of glass beads, as the constant heat and polishing lead to a smooth surface.

What Can I Make With Cathedral Beads?

Cathedral beads are possibly the most versatile of any Czech glass beads for use in projects, as their simple yet unique design makes it easy to fit anywhere. Experienced beaders can find themselves using this bead in various projects like cosmetics, embroidery, and figurines. However, the single best part of using these beads is that they go great with different beads. So, mix and match with a variety of different colors and beads to make your projects all the more special.

Buying Cathedral Beads

Our massive collection of cathedral beads will ensure that you get just the right color and size for your project. We have every size for the cathedral beads from 4mm to 8mm. We also have colors like jet-black bronze, jet-black silver, light amethyst orange, opaque turquoise blue, and crystal pink in various sizes.

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