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Ava Beads

Czech glass beads are famous for their shine and glimmer in different jewelry items. Among their many designs, AVA beads are popular for their distinctive shape that allows for various jewelry and craft uses. AVA beads are available in a multitude of different sizes, which you can use for distinct types of crafts and projects. In fact, AVA beads make it convenient for users to make complex patterns, designs, and art. Many beading experts love this design because of its uncommon shape.

What are AVA Beads?

This design of these Czech glass beads is like a V or chevron. Each bead has 3 holes. One is near the bottom of the ‘V’ shape while the others are on the extension of the arms. Because of its many holes, craft enthusiasts and jewelry designers can create new and exciting designs. These beads measure 10x4 mm for standardization across different jewelry styles and crafts.

What Can I Make Using AVA Beads?

AVA beads are highly compatible with Amos Par Puca beads, which have a distinct shape, allowing them to fit nicely inside an AVA bead. Of course, craft enthusiasts can try matching them with other types of pressed Czech glass beads based on shape, texture, and color.

Buy AVA Glass Beads

Many bead lovers like the versatility of these Czech glass beads, which is why they look up designs, patterns, and even tutorials for beading the AVA shape. Most commonly, craft lovers search for wholesale AVA beads and how they can make AVA beads bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. You can buy the perfect AVA beads from our vast collection that includes a variety of beautiful colors, finishes, and textures you can choose from. This will give your DIY jewelry and crafts an artistic and refined elegance that’s not easily noticeable in all types of designs.

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