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How to photo beaded jewelry

How to photo beaded jewelry

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a beading master, many of us would like to present our projects from the best side. That is why to take a good picture of the beaded jewelry is very important. Good photos show the real color and shiny of handmade jewelry. Bear in mind that we are talking about shooting a glass pieces in most cases and light is an important thing number one. Here are some photography tips, how to get amazing result and probably sell your design fast 🥳.

Our good friend Milya has prepared the tips for our readers :)⠀These photo tips do not require special equipment. Just sheet of paper, window and your phone with camera.

" I'll tell you about common mistakes.

photo tips selling beaded jewelry
🔴BAD 1🔴
The first bad idea is to take pictures right near the window under bright sunny weather. There is too much of light, so it creates sharp shadows.

Why is that bad? At the first look the difference between shadow and light attracts attention but we need to attract it to the jewelry. 😎


How to photo handmade jewelry to sell

🔴 BAD 2🔴
So, you can take a picture away from the window. But there may not be enough light.
Why it's bad? A dark photo is hard to look at. It is not juicy and tasty. People need to strain to see the details. And we (people) do not like it very much.
But there are already no harsh shadows. 😎 And from this follows the next point👇🏼


Photos of beaded jewelry tutorial

🔥 GOOD 1🔥
Shoot half a meter from the window, and use a reflector. As the reflector you can use white piece of paper, alu foil, shiny cake backing, or anything white/silver & glossy. There are no harsh shadows there. And the reflector adds more light.
You can even add worm look with golden reflector. 
🔥 GOOD 2🔥
What if GOOD 1 doesn't work and the photo is still dark?
Then we take pictures right next to the window. BUT cover the window glass with a piece of white chiffon. It will diffuse the light of the sun. The photo is well lit, and without harsh shadows. "

Additional tips from ScaraBeads:

Use Snapseed App by Google to photoshop your photos a little. You can add contrast, colors, make the photo lighter/darker etc. The app is free of charge without inApp purchases and very user friendly. The best tool there is point correction.

Snapseed photo correction beaded jewellery photo tips

For even more useful things about needlework, see the Milya's Instagram page, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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