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Coronavirus Relief Support Donations

Coronavirus Relief Support Donations

At the beginning of April we have announced, that 7 % of all sales at ScaraBeads.COMScaraBeads.DE and  ScaraBeads.RU will serve to support the World's fight against the virus COVID-19. We knew, that in such a hard time any cent for any business was valuable, however, there is still a number of people who need it more.

Now it is time to pay the bill. 

The organization we have chosen is Global Giving, which is on the market for about 20 years. Global Giving is an accredited charity and supports many projects.

Here you can find more info on them:

The project we have chosen should support people in need all over the world with doctors and nurses in the first order. Here is the project itself:

Today is the 4th of May 2020, so all April orders and sales are closed. Donating amount was calculated to $447 USD and has already been sent to the organization.

Unfortunately, sales in April on ScaraBeads shops were not so high as we expected, however, we believe, that any help is valuable. 🤗

Dear customers and friends! Thank you for your purchases and your support! Let's continue standing together against the virus and believe, that any action we do helps the whole world getting through. We can stand together supporting each other. Thank you! 😸 

Here is the final screenshot after the payment

In case you would like to see more proof or info, please contact us via the contact form or email. We are still a well-working business and wish to stay so for a long time 😀, so sharing of the private and financial info is not a thing, that affects the business positively. Thank you for understanding. 😇

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