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Superduo Seed Beads

Czech glass beads are, without a doubt a must-have for any beader, whether they are professionals or someone with a passing interest. The best part about these Czech glass beads is that they are very customizable and come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. One of these odd shapes is the SuperDuo Neon Seed bead. This particular bead is strange yet makes for a great addition to different projects.

What are SuperDuo Seed Beads?

SuperDuo beads are Czech glass beads with a very unique design and odd shape. It has two holes present on the flat surface of the bead running parallel to each other. These beads come in a single size of 2.5x5 mm, which makes it great for almost any project that you may be working on. However, what it lacks in size, these beads more than makeup for in the vast majority of colors that it has. Since these are Czech beads, they are handcrafted and have the signature smooth surface that Czech glass beads are famous for.

What Can I Make With SuperDuo Seed Beads?

SuperDuo Seed Beads are a must-have for professional beaders or people with a passing interest. These beads act as connectors between two separate beads. While these beads can certainly work well with figurines and embroidery, they will look spectacularly good with certain jewelry items such as bracelets and necklaces. That said, you can surely find more than one creative use for these seed beads.

Buying SuperDuo Seed Beads

We have an amazing collection of SuperDuo Seed Beads in a variety of colors. Our colors include Dark blue, purple, emerald, blue, orange, pink, cherry, orchid, yellow, and green. We also have different mixes available for all sorts of projects, whether you are looking for a few dark colors or a slew of bright and warm colors, you are sure to find them here.

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