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Kos® Par Puca® Beads

For any bead artist, jewelry designer, or crafty person, Czech glass beads are an essential part of a beading kit. Their shine and variety of shapes make them a great addition for a beading kit, allowing designers to create a variety of patterns for crafts, projects, and jewelry. One of the types of Czech glass beads is the Kos par Puca style.

What Are Kos Par Puca Beads?

This type of bead measures 6x3mm and has two parallel holes. With a gorgeous curved semi-circle shape, these beads can be paired with a variety of other bead styles, like Amos par Puca beads. Like other styles of glass beads made in the Czech Republic, Kos par Puca beads are made using the traditional method. Craftsmen cut raw glass into pieces and melted to take shape. The beads are added to a sand bath to buff out any rough edges, and put in an oven as part of the polishing process.

What Can I Make Using Kos Par Puca Beads?

If you’re a beading enthusiast, you’ll know that it can be easy to run out of inspirational ideas, so having a variety of beads at hand can prove useful. With Kos par Puca and other types of beads, you can start creating a number of different combinations for jewelry like necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

Buy Kos Par Puca Beads?

At our store, craft, and beading enthusiasts can select from a wide range of Les Perles par Puca beads, such as Kos par Puca. We have Kos par Puca beads in a variety of bright, neutral, and metallic colors for all your artistic creations. You can even find these in different finishes, such as matte and polished, so your crafts can have a distinct appearance that stands out from the rest.

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