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FP Round

Glass beads are exquisite beads that can go great with a variety of other beads. That said, their main selling point is their handcrafted nature that has created a soft spot for many artisans over the years. Thanks to their intuitive design, craftsmanship, and immense versatility, glass beads have gained quite the reputation among artisans. And no beads quite live up to the ideals of glass beads like Fire Polished Round beads.

What Is Fire Polished Round Beads?

Fire Polished Round is one of the many Glass beads developed in the Czech Republic. The beads come in various sizes like 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 11mm, and 12mm. This diversity in size will allow you to make the most of your projects and get the exact size that you need. The shape of these Fire Polished Round beads is similar to a hexagon but have more curves than edges. The Fire Polished round has a single hole at that connects the ends of the bead. As the Fire Polished round is a glass bead, it is crafted through the traditional process of cutting glass, melting it, and polishing it to give the signature smooth surface.

What Can I Make With Fire Polished Round Beads?

The Fire Polished Round is one of the best beads to work with, as their diverse sizes and colors make for an easy find. Whether you are working on jewelry, figurines, embroidery, or any other creative project, you will find Fire Polished rounds to be quite an attractive choice.

Buying Fire Polished Round Beads

Fire Polished Rounds are unique for having many color variations, and the collection that we have is sure to fill your need for beads. With colors like Aquamarine AB, Crystal bronze lava red, Iris Rainbow, and Magic Red Yellow, there is no shortage of fabulous colors for you to choose from.

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