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Czech Glass Cabochons

If you are looking for something to really spice up your jewelry crafting, then these Czech Glass Cabochons just might be the thing for you. Made from Czech glass much like their beads and buttons counterparts, the Cabochons are simply stunning to look at and make for great additions to all sorts of Beading projects that you may be working on.

What Are Czech Glass Cabochons?

Czech Glass Cabochons are beautiful gemstones that carry a very simple shape. But while these shapes are quite simple, the real star of the show is the designs on these gemstones. Polished to perfection, the smooth surface compliments the almost psychedelic hand paintings on the Cabochons. The engraving and the on the gemstone itself is also done by hand. These Cabochons hearken back to older times before gemstone cutting came along, where craftsmen would shape and polish these gems by hand. They also resemble glass beads in their manufacturing process, as craftsmen also cut, mold, and press these Cabochons into shape and then polish it to give the signature smooth surface.

What Can I Make With Czech Glass Cabochons?

These gem stones are incredibly versatile when it comes to their uses. Whether you are working on jewelry, figurines, or even embroidery, you will find these gemstones a great addition to your collection. Czech Glass Cabochons are especially great for any jewelry that you are working on like pendants, and bracelets.

Buying Czech Glass Cabochons

Our collection of Czech Glass Cabochons is absolutely breathtaking and is sure to satisfy any style or color that you are looking for. Our most treasured collection of glass Cabochons is of handcrafted dragonflies with immensely vibrant colors surrounding them. Some of our colors include, Green and gold, blue purple vitrail gold, ruby and gold, pearl garnet, pearl purple, and pearl midnight blue, among others.

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