RounTrio® Beads 6 mm 3 Holes Crystal Capri Gold Full Czech Glass Gold Sold Out

50 pcs RounTrio® Beads 6 mm, 3 Holes, Crystal Capri Gold Full, Czech Glass

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Product Overview
Type of bead RounTrio Beads
Size 6 mm / 0.236 inch
Color Gold
Color of glass Crystal
Finishes Capri Gold Full
Color code 00030/27100
Form/Brand Round
Hole diameter 0.7 mm (0.028 inch)
Number of holes 3 Holes
Material Glass
Country of origin Czech Republic
Vendor All Beads

Handcraft jewelry is becoming more and more popular. The Potomac Beads company has developed exclusive RounTrio Beads. These are round beads with three holes, which is perfect for creating all kinds of stylish jewelry. Combining them with various beads, you can weave beautiful "laces", decorate clothes, handbags or cases for glasses and phones.

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